May 5, 2018 "Donghua Cup" China Luanzhou Bicycle Invitational Race

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May 5, 2018 "Donghua Cup" China Luanzhou Bicycle Invitational Race

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May 5, 2018 "Donghua Cup" China Luanzhou Bicycle Invitational Race

On May 5, the 2008 "Donghua Cup" China Luanzhou Bicycle Invitational Race Road Race, sponsored by Hebei Bicycle Sports Association and Luanxian People's Government and directed by Hebei Sports Bureau, started next to the ancient city of Luanzhou on May 5.

The road track is 10.5 kilometers long, and male and female riders need to complete 9 and 6 cycles respectively. Starting from the gate of Luanzhou Normal School, the contestants rode along the Luanhe River near the ancient city of Luanzhou to Mother's Square, along the Tianyoudi of Luanhe River to Yanjue Daokou of Yanshan Scenic Area, to the Yaowang Temple of Zijin Mountain, and then along the ancient city of Luanzhou.

As the host of the contest, Luanxian has fully demonstrated its unique natural scenery and long-standing humanistic style, which makes more people feel the unique charm of "Luanhe Culture Town of China", "Shadow Picture Art Town of China", "Yangko Town of China", "Drama Evaluation Art Town of China".

The theme of the contest is "Advocating low-carbon travel and building a vigorous Luanzhou". By digging out the unique charm of outdoor sports, the bicycle race has been turned into a grand sports event of collective sports, tourism, culture, media, environmental protection and so on. It has endowed Luanxian with the dynamic attributes of tourism economic development and effectively promoted Luanxian's tourism economic development.

Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, Xinhua Net, China News Network, Great Wall Net, Sohu Net, Phoenix Net and other media covered the whole process.

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